Community Updates

Push community-wide updates, alerts, and announcements to your residents on their mobile devices.

Instant Messaging

Avoid the clutter of email by using a messenger dedicated to chat with your residents.

Issue Management

GojoManager allows for residents to report issues to you from their mobile devices. Update your residence the status of issues and maintenance requests in real time.


Create payment requests on the fly. Let your residents make payments right from their mobile devices.

Unit/Resident Profiles

Keep a detailed profile of each unit in your building. Occupancy status, resident information, and more.


GojoManager comes with a built in notes application. Conveniently keep your notes organized on GojoManager. Access your notes from anywhere, on any device.


Manage your community events with GojoManager or use the built in calendar for your office needs.

Free Service

Yes, GojoManager is free! We provide our services free and we intend to keep it that way.

keep your residents happier increase productivity go green

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